County Wicklow has a long and rich heritage of mining, starting as early as the Bronze Age and continuing until relatively recently . This mining was principally for copper, lead as well as lesser amounts of sulphur, iron, ochre, gold, silver and zinc. The main areas of mining activity were the Avoca Valley, Glendalough and Glendasan Valleys and in Glenmalure.

This section contains several articles taken from "EXPLORING THE MINING HERITAGE OF COUNTY WICKLOW",  a publication from the Heritage Office of Wicklow County Council in 2008 based on contributions from the following; Dr. Martin Critchley (Editor), Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland, Marie Merrigan (Avoca), Celtic Copper Heritage, Avoca, Joan Kavanagh (Glendalough/Glendasan), Glendalough Mining Heritage Project Committee Dr. John Morris (Glenmalure), Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland and Dr. Peadar McArdle (Geology), Geological Survey of Ireland.

Other articles, photos and stories relating to Wicklow's mining heritage are shared here, so please do feel free to contribute.