The Fitzwilliam Estate Clearances Lists, 1847 to 1856

Coolattin House, home of Lord Fitzwilliam

This index is a record of the families who left the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland during the clearances carried out by the estate between 1847 and 1856. The vast majority went to Quebec, one shipload went on the Star to St. Andrews, New Brunswick in 1848. The information is taken from the Fitzwilliam Emigration Books (National Library of Ireland, MS 4974 & 4975), a list of the people scheduled to sail on the Star, Jessie, and Swan (Fitzwilliam Papers, National Library of Ireland, microfilm Pos 934, Neg 852, referred to below simply as “passenger list”), and various lists in the records of Parks Canada at Grosse Isle, Quebec and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick relating to the Star.

Also see related article The Surplus People by Jim Rees and see the website the Ireland-Canada Story.

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  • I am most interested in the work Candice has produced. I can add the following’

    1)Albert as a middle name for Richard Hopkins is curious…not a name commonly used by our ancestors.

    2)Margaret (Edge) Hopkins c 1760 lived longer than 1803. She was listed to go to Canada in 1846 but did not make the journey. She likely passed away about then.

    3)I am most interested to know if Richard and Martha were FIRST or SECOND cousins. I “suspect” the latter.

    4) I “suspect” that Charles Hopkins was perhaps born earlier than 1760. Would appreciate being corrected.


    By Ross Hopkins (13/11/2023)
  • Hello again,

    In regard to the “Aghold records for c1760 – c1780 are missing” comment that I previously posted, I have since discovered that the last entries for 1766 are on a page which has the first entries for 1782. This would indicate that the entries in question are not lost or destroyed but that they were never kept!

    By Ross Hopkins (24/06/2023)
  • I read somewhere that a number of tenants did not emigrate to Canada, they moved to Dublin either Ranelagh or Raheny , cant recall which or where I read this. The article mentioned that it created a a small community from the Coollatin estate. Ring a bell with any one. I am starting to reseach the family name, Ebbs.

    By Kieran (09/09/2022)
  • In correspondence with the RCB in Dublin concerning the missing Aghold Registers from 1766 to 1781, it would appear that these pages were either lost or too badly damaged to survive.
    From RCB
    Dear Ross, the register we hold is a bound volume, and this is all that remains. It may be than a page was lost before being placed with us . This could well be the case if prior to binding,  the register was in very poor condition. So, I suppose we have to be thankful that something survived at all Kind regards
    Jennifer Murphy
    Library Assistant
    RCB Library
    Breamor Park

    By Ross Hopkins (21/11/2021)
  • Catherine,

    The Hopkins family of Corndog in all likelihood attended the C o I at Moyne Parish (from 1813) and previous to that at Hacketstown. Records for the period that would have covered the births or marriages of the Hopkins were destroyed in the 1922 Four Courts Fire.

    Previous to that, the Hopkins “may” have attended Aghold or Kilcommon, but my search of those records has not been successful. This is frustrated by the fact that the Aghold records for c1760 – c1780 are missing.

    I therefore doubt that a search of parish records will prove fruitfull.

    I am most interested in contacting Candice Hopkins regarding the Charles Hopkins/Mary Bellingham marriage. I believe this to be an error being proliferated on Ancestry.


    By Ross Hopkins (21/11/2021)
  • Hello Candice, I can check our parish records for you and will email you shortly. Regards, Catherine Wright, Archives Service.

    By Catherine Wright (15/09/2021)
  • My husband’s ancestor Richard Albert Hopkins (b. in Corndog, Co Wicklow in 1811 and son of Charles Hopkins,) was a tenant farmer on the Earl of Fitzwilliam’s Coolattin Estate. I am trying to ascertain whether or not Richard Albert Hopkins’ mother was really Mary Bellingham (1772-?) or not! Can you help me with this question, please? Richard Albert Hopkins and his wife and children were helped to emigrate to Grey County in Ontario, Canada in 1846 due to the generosity of Lord Fitzwilliam. Richard A. Hopkins was married to his cousin Martha B. Hopkins (b. 1802 in Tinahely, County Wicklow.) She was the daughter of Charles Hopkins (1760-1804,) and Martha Margaret Edge (1760-1803.) I have Mr. Jim Rees’ book but it focuses on the families who emigrated to Canada beginning one year after my husband’s ancestor Richard Albert Hopkins left for Bentinck Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada. Any help would be most appreciated! Thank you in advance!

    By Candice Hopkins (12/09/2021)

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