11. Tournant Graveyard and ‘Cantwell’s memorials of the dead’.

Tournmant Graveyard visit
Chris Lawlor

Diversion 11. Tournant graveyard was in use from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries, but many of the headstones are now illegible due to the effects of weathering. Luckily, however, some of the names of some of those interred there were recorded by Brian Cantwell. He visited many parts of the country recording memorials, and fortunately Tournant was one of those places. Cantwell focused on pre-1880 stones, but he recorded some dates after this if they were on the same headstone as the pre-1880 ones. Here is Cantwell’s list for Tournant cemetery. Original spellings have been retained. [Note: n.d. means no date on the stone; e.s. refers to the person who erected the stone].


Ally Archbold 1819

Judeth Bond 1798

Luke Bond n.d.

Judeth Bryan 1806

Michael Bryan 1786

Darby Byrn n.d.

Michael Byrn 1746

Denis Byrne 1873

Edward Byrne e.s.

Esther Byrne 1876

James Byrne 1885

John Byrne e.s.

John Byrne 1827

Mary Byrne 1822

Mary Byrne 1851

Mary Byrne 1852

Mary Byrne 1909

Owen Byrne e.s.

Revd. Paul Byrne 1799

John Cashan 1748

John Cashan 1764

Judeth Cashan alias Whealon 1763

Dr. Ias Caulfield 1736

Anne Christie e.s.

Thomas Christie 1854

Elenor Coneway 1784

Margt Conway e.s.

Ml. Conway 1839

John Cunningham 1882

John Cunningham 1882

Michael Cunningham 1886

William Cunningham 1874

Catharne Delany n.d.

Mr. Denis Delany 1776

James Delany 1740

John Delany 1713

Mrs. Sarah Delany 1777

Sarah Delany n.d.

Anne Doyle 1926

Bryan Doyle 1921

Edward Doyle e.s.

John Doyle 1878

John Doyle 1917

Laurence Doyle 1871

Laurence Doyle 1916

Margaret Doyle 1866

Mary Doyle 1895

Michael Doyle 1799

Micheal Doyle 1783

Patrick Doyle e.s.

Thos Doyle 1799

James Duff e.s.

Patrick Duff 1815

Ane Finegan 1816

David Finegan e.s.

James Finegan 1909

Patrick Finegan 1919

Patrick Flud 1782

Thomas Flud e.s.

Bridget Gagan e.s.

Thomas Gagan 1825

Garrett Geoghegan 1879

Margaret Geoghegan

Richard Geoghegan 1796

Thomas Geoghegan e.s.

Mary Griffin 1851

Michael Griffin 1842

Timothy Griffin e.s.

Timothy Griffin 1861

Jno Gyeves 1787

Wm. Gyeves e.s.

??? Headon e.s.

John Headon 1855

Catharne Heydon 1809

John Heydon e.s.

Matthew Heydon n.d.

Patrick Heydon 1768

Elinor Keegan e.s.

Luke Keegan 1783

Christopher Kehoe e.s.

Patrick Kehoe 1835

Anne Kelly e.s.

Martin Kelly 1869

John Mahony e.s.

John Mahony n.d.

Margaret Mahony 1823

Margaret Mahony 1826

Bridget Maloy 1841

Edward Maloy

James McLaughlin e.s.

Wm. McLaughlin 1797

Wm. McLaughlin 1800

Anne Mooney 1872

Denis Mooney 1830

James Mooney 1880

Mary Mooney 1846

Patrick Mooney e.s.

Patrick Mooney 1887

Edward Moor 1871

James Moore 18?6

Jane Moore 18?3

John Moore 1732

Mary Moore 1846

Patk Moore 1851

John Murphy 1828

Aleice Norton 1850

James Norton e.s.

John Norton 1866

John Norton 1776

John Norton 1880

Patrick Norton 1828

Roseanna Norton 1886

Thomas Norton 1840

Bridget Nowlan (1)786

Hew Nowlan 1772

James Nowlan 1807

Luke Nowlan 1754

Mary Nowlan 1712

John Nowland 1774

William Perkins 1756

Christopher Rider e.s.

Eleanor? Rider 18(?29)

Mary Rider n.d.

Nicholas Rider 1807

Catherine Ryder 1872

James Ryder 1852

Anne Smyth n.d.

William Smyth n.d.

Anne Toole 1827

Christopher Toole 1863

Elizabeth Toole 186(?9)

Lawrence Toole 1797

Matthew Toole e.s.

Michael Toole 1780

Michael Toole e.s.

Bridget Whittle 1871

Joseph Whittle 1880

John Wright e.s.

Martha Wright 1814



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