The Sunflower and the Bee: Age 9-10 Category winner

Bee ~Route Competition

The Sunflower and the Bee children’s short story competition is a follow on to Cllr. Jodie Neary’s Bee Route Project for National Biodiversity Week 2020. Children were  invited  to submit their stories and these are announced here as  a Heritage Project during Heritage Week .


Martha Woodley, 10, Delgany (winner of the 9-10 category)

Once there was a garden with no plants except one lonely sunflower called Sunny.  The people who lived in the house were a little girl and her Mom.  The little girl used to play football and sometimes hurt Sunny.  One warm day, Sunny heard an odd buzzing noise.  “Who’s there?” asked Sunny.

“Me!!” said the Bee.  “My name is Bertie”.  “What’s your name?”

“Sunny” replied the sunflower.

“Where are all the other flowers?” asked Bertie.

“I am the only one” said Sunny sadly.

“Well I am the only bee in this estate” Bertie said, who also sounded sad.


Sunny looked up to see that he wasn’t joking.  Bertie wasn’t joking.

“I was looking for a friend”

Just then the little girl came out holding a football, cones and football shoes, a bottle of water and goalkeeper gloves.  You could barely see the top of her head.  She was walking slowly but she couldn’t see the giant stone.  She tripped over and everything went flying.

“Ouch” she said, looking at her hand, that was now bleeding.  She turned her head slightly facing the sunflower and saw the bee.

“Who are you?” she asked.  Of course, the bee couldn’t understand her.  She liked this creature.  The next day the bee came back.  The little girl came running out.  She stared at it for a while and noticed that the soil was dry and if the sunflower died the bee would stop coming, so she ran inside to get some water.

“Bertie, when you leave where do you go?” asked Sunny.

“I go to a beehive” said Bertie.

Just then the little girl came out and watered Sunny, but she didn’t just come out with water she also had seed packets.  She planted them, soon there was bees buzzing and butterflies in the garden.”


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