The Sunflower and the Bee: Overall winner, Tia Ann Age 11 from Greystones

The Sunflower and the Bee children’s short story competition is a follow on to Cllr. Jodie Neary’s Bee Route Project for National Biodiversity Week 2020. Children were  invited  to submit their stories and these are announced here as  a Heritage Project during Heritage Week .

One Day, Belinda Bee was busy buzzing around a Daisy, when she heard some exciting news. ‘A Sunflower has grown in the garden!’ cried Betty Butterfly. ‘Let’s go and see.’ So, Belinda Bee and Betty Butterfly flew to see the sunflower. It was a big, strong flower, with bright yellow petals. Belinda realized why this flower was called a sunflower. This sunflower beamed down on everything with a bright smile, just like the sun. Belinda immediately wanted to be friends with this flower.  But the Sunflower wouldn’t allow Belinda to suck her sweet nectar. ‘I am not meant to help make honey,’ the sunflower would say, ‘I am a beauty, and cannot be seen with an ugly insect.’ ‘But I shall also help you make new flowers,’ said a rather hurt Belinda. But the sunflower wouldn’t hear of it. Soon, all the flowers in the garden had given nectar to the bees, all except for the sunflower.
All these flowers had helped make new flowers, all except for the sunflower. Belinda and the other bees decided not to bother with the sunflower, knowing all their efforts would go in vain. The sunflower took no notice, admiring herself in a little puddle, far to busy to care about much else.
A few days later, James, the child that came to the garden every day, decided to pick the sunflower for his mother. The sunflower panicked as James cautiously made his way through the garden. ‘Help’ oh help!’ she cried. The bees took no notice. ‘She shall get what she deserves,’ they sniffed. But Belinda couldn’t bear hearing the flower’s cries, and sprang forward, stinging poor James on the finger! James ran off, leaving the sunflower stunned. ‘Why did you do that?’ she asked. ‘I rather think you deserve a second chance,’ smiled Belinda. And soon the sunflower and the bee became best friends.

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