Papa Louis Napolean De-Lore

Papa Louis Napolean De-Lore
Mary or Marie Graham or alternative spelling
Portrait by Mr Brown, Savoy Studios Central Beach and West Street, Blackpool.
Portrait by JCapstack, Promenade Blackpool
"to Marie & Aloyious & family Leo & I are in the group from Leo & Josephine"
Prosper Lore
photo stamped Delacroux
group photo from Leo & Josephine
Prosper Lore says on back " What do you think of my new car I am going to drive it to New York City, it will take me two weeks to do it"

Louis Napolean De-Lore  or Papa Louis Napolean De-Lore was my great grandfather, he married Mary in Bray, her maiden name remains a mystery so far but from the information given there is a connection to Finnegan and a story told through the family that Mary was the only girl with many brothers who became priests.

Somehow and here is where it is sketchy but somehow there is a connection to a large department store in Wilmslow, Cheshire England named “Finnegans” now owned by someone else.

Their first two children were born in The Rock Hotel Bray, this hotel if still in existance must have a different name as I cannot find any reference to it at all.

Josephine was born first but I have no dates then Leotine De Lore was born on September 15th 1878. At one point a family member held a birth cert that did allegedly name The Rock Hotel as place of birth but I have not seen this so cannot confirm.

Mabel (Known as queen as she was very frail and died at just 21 years) born May 14th 1882

Louis Born October 6th 1880

Malvina Born December 8th 1883

Prosper Born November 30th 1885

Alfy Born July 11th 1887

Robert born February 1889

Aloyious Arnold born May 2nd 1892 (my grandfather)

Grace born August 1893 not sure of date

Ambrose born December 1896 not sure of date

Patricia Born April 3rd 1898

How Life was in Blackpool, England

Papa Louis Napolean De-Lore had a silk hat manufacturing business both in France and England, He was a very wealthy man, they had servants so Mama De-Lore (Mary whom we think was a Finnegan perhaps?)  did not have to bother herself with house work etc. She apparently took bookings at home for the Qunard shipping Company.

Each child had there own room and were not enchoraged to work. Each got an allowance.  Prosper De-Lore went to America and started off moving scenery in Hollywood, he married in America.  Grace ran a hat shop for a while given to her by Mama De-Lore. She then went to America for a holiday fell in love with the place and never came home.  She died a spinster broke and in a Beverly Hills home.  Aloyious (My grandfather) stayed at home until the age of 42 and left to go to London.

A Son Leaves for London

Aloyious met Marie Beatrix Leadbeater and my Mother (Marie Malvina Lore) was born out of wedlock in London, they married and had another son Arnold settling down in a three story house no 6 Rusholm Grove Manchester purchased for £1,954 with a mortgage of £175 on it. I found a copy of the deeds amongst old paperwork.

Aloyious and Marie rented rooms out, living only on one floor of the house.

Taking in lodgers meant that this Manchester household was one of the first on the street in Rusholm Grove to have a television, Aloyious was named as a shop keeper upon marriage to Marie.

Back in Blackpool

In Blackpool Mama De-Lore never shopped with money, she was well known and ordered what she wanted to be delivered to the house afterwards.  She was not very welcoming to Daughter-in-Laws, however would regularly send large parcels of fancy clothes, teas and coffees. The De-Lore Family had several well to do people stay at their home and the girls were never allowed out unacompanied, if a brother was not available they had to take a cook or servant.

Mama De-lore out-lived Papa De-Lore and somewhere along the line the business was lost (what happened is unknown) After Papa De-Lore died, the “De” was dropped from the name.

The house was left to Josephine and Leotine who opened it up as a guest house.  They remained un-married but got very close to their Neice Edith, Louis Daughter.  Kirby Road Guest House, Blackpool was sold and they purchased a house in Haig Road South Shore Blackpool. This in turn was handed to Edith Forest who was 92 years of age when she told the De-Lore family story from what she could remember.

I would love to know my history and the link with the Finnegans and Bray County Wicklow. Did this Rock Hotel exist?  I was born in Manchester UK and have now lived in Ireland since 1999.

Update  added March 2016 from actual records found.

Mabel Dympna Lore Born 14th May 1882 Residence – Williamstown Parish Booterstown Dublin. Father listed as Louis Lore, Mother listed as Marie Graham.

Malvina Olivia Lore 1883 Dublin Wicklow

Prosper Augustus Lore 1885 Dublin Wicklow birth registered in December 1885.

Alphonse Ignatius Lore Born 1887. “Alfy perhaps”

Robert Oscar Lore born 1889.

No further birth listings have been found after Robert so could it be that they moved to the UK in or around 1889?

Listed in Nobility Gentry Merchants and traders public office is Louis Lore at address 22 Wellington Quay, 4 Montpelier Parade Monkstown 1884.

A “P Lore” is listed at 162 Chapel Street in 1850, this is going further back. Could it be that Louis Napoleon Lore was actually born in Ireland even though he has french connections?

In the comments below Catherine has kindly provided further information also.


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Interesting Questions

There is an Ambroise De-Lore in the 1400’s a French Millitary Commander and companion of Joan of Arc – could he be a relation of Louis Napoleon? would make an intersting connection.

At what point did the de-lore or lore family members come to be in Ireland from France?

Feel free to comment below, thankyou.



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  • Hi Catherine and Julie, I was just looking at this page thinking I should edit in the little bit of information I found recently and just found your comments. So sorry for not answering they are great and exciting thank you so much.  The information  is fantastic. So Julie would Edith be  your grandmother? I think I met Edith and it was her that gave me and my Father the photographs and told the story as I remember the house and visited with him.  Other photographs I have from my mothers collection sadly not all are written on as to who they are. I have photos of my Mother with Josephine and other group photos from the Blackpool house along with a couple of very old ones that look like Mary and some others possible on a visit back to Ireland. 

    My mother always told a story of a famous actor who visited Blackpool and them from Hollywood once known by Prosper.

    Catherine thank you so much for the information thats brilliant.

    I recently found information as follows-

    Mabel Dympna Lore Born 14th May 1882, Baptised 14th June 1882 – Residence – Williamstown parish Booterstown Dublin, Father Louis Lore and it says Mother Marie Graham. ( I could not find a death listed for her at all.)

    Malvina Olivia Lore born 1883 Dublin Wicklow was also listed with no other details.

    Prosper Augustus Lore born 1885 Dublin Wicklow with birth registered in Dec 1885, no other details listed.

    Alphonse Ignatius Lore born 1887 was also listed could this be “Alfy” ?

    Robert Oscar Lore listed for 1889 with no other details.

    Then in the list of nobility gentry merchants and traders public office and the Irish almanac directories of social history there is an entry of 

    louis lore at 22 Wellington Quay, 4 montpelier Parade Monkstown 1884.

    I will add some more photographs to the article. 

    Thankyou both so much for the information.  So glad I posted the article.

    By Wendy Brosnahan (14/03/2016)
  • Papa Lore’s wife was born Mary Aloysia Josephine Graeme in Dundalk in about 1858.  Their son Louis (born 1880) is my great grandfather and was at the Black Rock Hotel in Bray.. My mothers middle name is Malvina, taken from her great aunt.  I also have the photograph of Papa Lore, and the one of Leontine.  I can remember meeting Leontine & Josephine at their guest house in Blackpool as we lived in a nearby village.

    By Julie Sandground (25/11/2015)
  • Dear Wendy,

    I checked our parish records here in the Wicklow County Archives & Genealogy Service. According to the baptism register of the Roman Catholic parish of Bray, Aloysius St. Ledger Lore was baptised on the 20th of July 1880, the son of Louis Napoleon Lore and Mary Alice Lore nee Graeme. The address was given as Little Bray and the sponsors were Tobias Lott and Mary Agnes Johnson. I could not find anything further on this family in the County Wicklow baptism and marriage registers. (I will check for anything further on the Graeme/Graham side and update you).  

    However, the parish records website has the baptism of a Louis Lore in Arran Quay Parish (St. Pauls), Dublin in 1851, the son of Prosper and Olivia Lore nee Lodge. This site also lists the baptisms of two siblings – Prosper James Lore in 1860 and Prosper Paul in 1863.  

    Also has the marriage of a possible sister of Louis Lore: Adeline Lore, daughter of Prosper Lore, married Nicholas Liston in Arran Quay Parish in 1864. Please see images of RC parish registers on – this marriage record lists the Lore’s address as 2 Cabra Parade, Dublin.

    I hope you find this information useful as you continue your research!

    Kind regards,

    Catherine Wright

    Wicklow County Archives & Genealogy Service.


    By Catherine Wright (10/11/2015)

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