Remembering the Irish

Hello,  I am writing a book on the Irish Ancestors from 1800-1900 and where they moved to, Canada, Argentina, England, South Africa, America and other lands.  Also, the Irish that stayed in Ireland and how they lived and survived.  

I believe it is very important to remember our Ancestors.

If you have a story of your Gr Gr Grandparent or Gr Grandparent and how they live or where they move to and how they lived I would love to have you join me.  Would you consider donating a story and being part of my book  with a photo, if you have one and a short bio. This generation of Irish is very  important and needs to be remembered for history to read about.

Please join me in my book and send your story of your beloved relative.


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  • My mother was born in Rathdrum workhouse in 1896 and was raised in Rathnew.She came to Liverpool poss around 1920.We knew nothing about why she came or her life back in Rathnew.She had six children that I know of.My eldest sister born in Ireland went to Australia.There are two of us left.

    By Cynthia Deakin (18/09/2017)

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