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Comments about this page

  • Hello County Wicklow Heritage
    I was reading the history of the Traynor family who lived in Drimnagh Castle in the early 1900’s when I stumbled onto County Wicklow Heritage stories. Would anyone know how to find out more information about Bridge Traynor, the daughter of Michael and Kate, who married Louis Nelson. Bridge was born in 1902 and I would like to know the date of her death.

    By Maggie Roper (01/02/2024)
  • Greetings,
    Do You Have Knowledge Of A Ship – SS Fitzwilliam ?
    It Was Carrying Munitions I believe For Kynochs When There Was An Explosion On Board, And It Sank In 1904.
    The Captain Was Thomas Troy From Arklow And He Married A Mary Catherine Redmond. Thomas Had His First Son On Board Michael Troy.
    Any Infomation Greatly Appreciated.
    Kind Regards
    Michael Troy

    By Michael Troy (03/12/2023)
  • Hello, my 2nd great grandfather George Bird Collins emigrated to the United States during the potato famine in the 1850s. His sister Bridget Collins headstone says she was from Carrabawn in the County of Wicklow. Is there such a place or did the headstone engraver get it wrong? Thank you. Looking forward to coming home to Ireland soon!

    By Valerie Collins (30/11/2023)
  • Matthew Murragh was my great grandfather
    Emily his daughter was my grandmother married to jack costelloe who taught in ashford and went back to cork

    I live a few minutes away from their house here in Wicklow
    One of our family recently met a member of family in chile
    Emily brother went to chile

    By AB Costelloe (28/11/2023)
  • Hi Helen, I am not aware of the new memorial? For as long as I remember the bust of Thomas Moore has been at the park in The Meetings.

    By Deirdre Burns (09/11/2023)
  • Did the bust of Thomas Moore get relocated to the new memorial? I’m in another group and there is a very old photo of someone with what looks like the same bust but in a different location. It would be lovely to know if it was the same one.

    By Helen Morgan (08/11/2023)
  • Nancy Ann Ashford is my 5 times great grandmother. Her Father is Michael Ashford , mom is Rachael Neville. I want to come to Ireland and find their church?anything ? Nancy married John Walker ( they are buried here in mebane NC ) Says she was born Dec 13, 1725 in Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland.
    Thank you!
    Candy Thomas Aldridge Woertman

    By Candy Woertman (09/09/2023)
  • Dear Wicklow Heritage Society,

    I work at a nursing home in Arklow and would love to know if you offer history lectures to residents. I know the residents would love to hear the histories of their towns, contribute their own knowledge and just have someone who shares their passion for where they grew up.

    Thank you for your time.

    By Brooke (15/08/2023)
  • Hi Seamus, thanks for getting in touch. This is an open access website administered by the Heritage Officer, Archivist and Local Studies librarian in Wicklow County Council. We are part of a network that includes six other community heritage sites, each of which is managed by local volunteers. If you visit the landing page you will see each of the sites. There is no membership required, you can browse the content at any time for updates and contribute as you wish. Our network partners always appreciate new volunteers and members so if this is of interest please get in touch with them directly through the revelant website contact.
    Hope that this helps, Deirdre

    By Deirdre Burns (01/08/2023)
  • How do I become a member or/and receive updates?

    By Séamus (01/08/2023)
  • I understand that Newtownbarry Circuit Merhodist Records from about 1833 exist in “local Custody” and at Proni.

    Is there some way I can access them on the internet?

    By Ross Hopkins (26/06/2023)
  • Hi Janet, I am sorry that you are having difficulty making contact. I am one of a number of administrators of this community heritage website. Can you let me know what publication and/or contact person your query relates to and I will try to help.

    By Deirdre Burns (19/05/2023)
  • I am contacting you from the British Library Legal Deposit Office (Serials)
    Our library has tried to send you mail but this has been returned to us by the Post Office.
    Could you please supply us with your current postal address ?.

    By Janet Hardcastle (19/05/2023)
  • I am proud to say that Henry Grattan was my great great great …….. grandfather!
    My wife and I have been to see his statue in the UK Houses of Parliament and his gravestone in Westminster Abbey. Although I have visited Dublin in the past (on business linked to my old employer, The Rehab Group), I would like to visit Dublin again with my wife, as well as visit his old home in County Wicklow.

    We live in South East England.

    Is there anybody who could help us make this wish a reality?!

    By Jonathan Smallman Davies (16/05/2023)
  • Good evening,
    lm writing to you on a rainy cold night with fires burning from the woods that l live, in the Warburton mountains of Victoria Australia.
    Im writing you to thank you for the deeply interesting insights into my 5 times removed direct Grandfather Michael Dwyer.
    I thank you graciously for these words of him. l feel very grateful that you give this strong beautiful caring man recognition with the sense of truth he justly deserves.
    Thank you again, from the Dwyer/Bankes family still in Australia.
    I would love to come home to Ireland one day, my heart has always longed.
    I stand strong in Spirit with my Grandpa, for no matter where in the World today, so much needs to be made right.
    Sadly the battle of greed continues.
    Do not lose faith for the meek will, indeed inherit the Earth
    For we are strong and loving with a massive capacity to give of ourselves, there are many of us holding hands through time
    The chain will not be broken.
    With much love
    Jeannette Bankes

    By Jeanette Bankes (28/04/2023)
  • Hi Kristine,
    In reply to your comment, it would be helpful if you could let me know which article on the website you are referring to. I am assuming it is the article ?
    The author of that article, Cora Crampton is a recognised authority on the life of Jenny Wyse Power and states ‘The Wyse Powers declared their support for Parnell during the political crisis that erupted following the leader’s involvement in the O’Shea divorce case in 1890. The scandal caused a bitter split in the Irish Parliamentary party. The ‘Chief’ died suddenly in October 1891 and five months later Jennie and her husband named their only son Charles Stewart in memory of the dead leader.’
    I believe this information to be factually correct.
    Incidentally , another article on our website on the life of Anna Parnell does indeed recount Anna’s involvement in the Lady’s Land League and the subsequent rift with Charles Stewart Parnett as per ‘The Tale of the Great Sham’, see
    We highly value the contributions of all those who take the time and effort to submit articles to our community resource. While we generally welcome comments and understand that opinions differ, we would expect all comments to be respectful and courteous.

    By Deirdre Burns (12/04/2022)
  • I am shocked and horrified that you declared Jennie Wyse Power was a Parnellite. You obviously know little about the woman and her strong involvement with the Ladies Land League. She and Anna Parnell loathed Parnell for many reasons. He terminated their great work with the LLL…Read The Tale of the Great Sham if you doubt me. She was a member of Inghinidhe na hEireann working closely with Maud Gonne and others. How could she with her Fenian Upbringing ever go for Home Rule…attached to Westminster! I hope this appalling error will be rectified. I await your reply. K. B.

    By Kristine Byrne (11/03/2022)
  • Hi Ross, the survey was carried out in 1942/3 as stated in the article, see

    By Deirdre Burns (15/12/2021)
  • The information concerning Whaley Abbey says “The ITA Topographical and General Survey of Wicklow (1942/3)” I believe you are referring to the Survey of 1842/3 not 1942/3


    By Ross Hopkins (13/12/2021)
  • Dear Sir/Madam, I have just read the details about Whaley Abbey and find that the details saying that the family had died out to be very very incorrect. The family is very much alive today and can trace the family back to William Whaley/Richard Whaley and still live in Dublin. If you would like to contact me please do so.

    By Kirsty Whaley (06/04/2021)
  • I have just discovered this website, when looking up some info on Blessington.
    It is beyond fantastic!! The work of John Hussey in bringing the surrounding history and landscape alive and vibrant with stories, factual as well as anecdotal (!) has made this period of lockdown an adventure of exploration and discovery.
    Thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful website ❤
    Daire Gilvary

    By Daire Gilvary (18/02/2021)

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