Numerology may help people find their purpose during lockdown

Grainne Tyndall

Grainne Tyndall, International Numerologist

It’s based on Science, it really is. It begins with Pythagoras, he of the theorem fame which states the square of the hypotenuse of a right angle is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides. The most common use is to find the steepness of hills or mountains. He was also a philosopher, musician, astrology and mystical guru. He invented numerology which uses a person’s date of birth and their name to assign a value which can be used to interrupt their life’s purpose.

He believed that the energy and vibration of those numbers can help people understand just who they are.

Grainne Tyndall is a trained numerologist and she works with people to help them understand their path in life. Recently moved to Arklow she is enjoying her lockdown as she lives just minutes from the beach. She adores her adoptive and historic town of Arklow.

“I help people to find their life’s purpose and skills through their date of birth and name. It helps people to figure out who they are and how to become the best version of themselves.

“It is sometimes equated with sacred geometry and it’s all interconnected.”
People born at different times have different characteristics. People born in the 20th century tend to be individual and creative whereas Grainne’s understanding of numbers would point to people born in this century as much more empathetic and collaborative.

Of course, the year 2020 is very significant for a numerologist. The 2 represents choice and the divine feminine while the zero represents completion and unlimited potential. For Grainne 2020 means utopia. It might seem strange to call 2020 Utopian but emerging from this time of stillness is the chance to reflect and make choices. It is a time of stillness from which new beginnings can emerge.

“This is such an incredible time in human history and we can make changes.”
When working out the numbers, Grainne assigns a life number to her clients. “Each of us is come into this world to learn and grow and develop. Everyone is different. I look at all the numbers and come up with a chart to help people figure out their path. Everyone has a choice, to be of service and to help others. It’s a question of ying and yang balance.”

And Grainne finishes she says we are moving into a matriarchal society which is going to be very interesting.

You can reach Grainne on 0863859599,, Facebook. Numbers4success, or Instagram at numbers4success.

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