12. Cantwell and Dunlavin Protestant churchyard

Church of Ireland Dunlavin
Chris Lawlor

Diversion 12. Today, we are staying with Brian Cantwell’s Memorials of the Dead. He also made a record for Dunlavin Church of Ireland churchyard (using the same criteria). The present church dates from the early nineteenth century (land granted in 1815, consecrated in 1817). There are a couple of entries here which predate the church – notably Champion and Hathorne. Strangely, the date associated with Hathorne actually predates the establishment of the present village of Dunlavin (c.1660). Is this a possible error in transcription? Maybe; maybe not! Cantwell presumably included names on wall plaques etc. inside the church as well as on headstones, which may account for occasional multiple mentions of the same people. Here is his list:


Elizabeth Mary Allen 1842

Esther Allen 1886

Thomas Allen e.s.

Andrew Archer e.s.

Andrew Archer 1825

Mary Archer 1827

Henry Augustus Bolton 1876

Elizabeth Jane Bond 1863

Luke Bond 1862

Mary Bond 1866

Sarah Bond e.s.

William Bond 1868

Ellen J. Byrne 1898

James Carmichael 1886

Anne Chamney 1872

Anne Chamney 1896

John Chamney e.s.

Joseph Chamney 1879

Katherine Chamney 1872

William Chamney 1872

Thos Champion 1742 gift to church

Lydia Jane Cooke 1866

Michael Cooke 1873

George Couse 1830

Serah Couse e.s.

Anne Crampton 1897

James Crampton 1883

John Crampton 1905

Mary Crampton 1829

Mary Anne Crampton 1900

Mary Anne Crampton 1854

Nathaniel Crampton 1831

Thomas Crampton 1854

Thomas Crampton e.s.

Jas. Crichley? n.d. Church Warden

Andrew Dixon 1890

Anne Dixon 1856

Anne Elizabeth Dixon 1863

Elizabeth Dixon 1889

James Dixon e.s.

James Dixon 1869

Jane Catherine Dixon 1852

John Dixon 1847

John W. Dixon 1915

Linda Dixon 1941

Martha Jane Dixon 1935

Robert Gilbert Dixon 1921 x 3

John Dobbs 1820

Mary Dobbs e.s.

Ruth Dobbs 1819

Jas. Fenton

Lucy Fenton gift to church n.d.

Richard Goslin Fenton 1960

Thomas Finlay 1864

Elizabeth Fisher 1922

George Fisher 1864

George Fisher 1889

George Edward Fisher 1956

Henry Wm. Fisher 1862

Jane Fisher 1864

Andrew Geoghegan inscr 1902

George Geoghegan 1841

Hannah Geoghegan 1843

John Geoghegan e.s.

John Geoghegan 1841

Phillip Hathorn named

Anthony Hathorne donation 1618

Elenor Hendy 1829

John Hendy e.s.

Sarah Jackson 1848

Cherrie Kilbee 1901

James Kilbee 1875

William Kilbee 1866

Lucy Malone 1916

Patrick McLean 1875

William B. Merry 1964

Ellen J. Molyneux 1926

Emily Molyneux 1879

Ernest T. Molyneux 1957

Thomas Molyneux 1897 gift

Thomas F. Molyneux 1894

Annie Elixabeth (ic) Moody 1915

Catherine Moody 1865

Chr. Moody 1866

Christopher Moody 1908

Eliza Moody 1874

John Moody 1851

Mary Moody 1860

Thomas Moody 1855

Thomas Moody 1915

M. Morgan plaque n.d.

Margaret Morgan MDCCCLXII

Margaret Morgan 1862

Moore Morgan 1857

Moore Morgan n.d

Anne Morton 1837

William Morton e.s.

William Morton 1848

Edward Pennefather 1895

Catherine Smyth 1868

Jane Smyth 1851

Robert Smyth 1846

Thomas Smyth 1861

Alice Tynte 1928

Alice Eliza Tynte 1929

Audley F. Tynte n.d

Audley Fortescue Tynte 1919

F. J. Tynte 1907

Fortescue Tynte mentioned

Fortescue J. Tynte 1907

Geraldine Tynte 1887

Geraldine Tynte 1888

James Stratford Tynte mentioned

Joseph Pratt Tynte 1896 x 3

Mary Tynte 1899 x 2

Mervy Patrick Arthur Tynte 1918 x 2

Mervyn A.S. Tynte n.d

Mervyn Chaloner Stephen Tynte 1910

Miss Tynte 1816 x 2

Norah Ina Olive Violet Tynte 1863

Richard Mervyn Hardress Tynte 1942

Eleanor Ubank 1899

Elsie Geraldine Katie Waller 1963

Jane White 1847

Edward Winder 1900

Jane Winder 1919

William Winder 1873



Again, original spelling and punctuation have been retained.

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