Mulvey/Bernes/Byrnes family.

I would like to make contact with any member of the Mulvey/Bernes family who lived in Bray.  Grandad was William Mulvey (died during WW1) Gran was Catherine Bernes from Dock Terrace.

I know almost nothing about the Bernes family and would welcome any information. Grandad served during the Boer War and WW1 and his QSA with 4 clasps is missing and I’d like to know where that is too.

I met Gran when I was a child but children never ask questions about family history so I hope that someone out there can help me fill in the huge gaps I have in my family history.

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  • Catherine ino longer have your email address

    By Jonathan Blake (15/11/2021)
  • Catherine. Contact me by email.

    By Jon Blake (13/11/2020)
  • Jonathan, do you live in Perth. Aus.? If so I’ve already been in contact over the past few years.  Family problems have prevented me doing geneology work for some time now. Please let me know, you have my email address.

    By Catherine Mulvey (29/04/2019)
  • Catherine, I visited Williams grave today and laid flowers at 11am as the church bells rang. I am intrigued by your grand fathers past and I would love to kmow more. Unfortunately I have no idea where his medal would Be, although I know of a bill mulvey who lives in Derbyshire in uk, I know he has my great grand father steenies medals I have no idea where he lives exactly. His father would have been Stephen mulvey steenies son. I would love if his medals where returned to his home town of bray. 

    By Jonathan Blake (11/11/2018)
  • Hi Catherine, I hoped you are Well, have you found any new information about William ? 

    By Jonathan Blake (10/11/2018)
  • Please contact me as I would also love to know more about William, I have some photos of steenie I can share with you also.



    By Jonathan Blake (10/11/2018)

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