Beyond The Glen of Imaal.

When I had finished writing my family history book WHO WAS GRANNY? in 2019, I had no intention of writing a second family history book. But, Covid19 changed everything. When researching for ‘my Granny’ I had gathered a large volume of information on my related families in the Glen of Imaal and the surrounding area of Wicklow. With nothing to do while cocooning, writing up Beyond the Glen of Imaal became my Covid19 project.
This project could not have happened without the help of so many who share my DNA. It is their ancestor’s story too. It tells of many who left the Glen either by choice, famine, or economic necessity. What our ancestors had in common was they were all of the Protestant faith. I was very lucky to be given handwritten notes written by relatives who had passed, in particular Mary Jane Eager’s notes on the Hanbidge connections in the Glen.
John Finlay who is featured on the cover in his orange sash also wrote about his ancestry in the Glen. It was an honour for me to follow their paths and learn of their achievements.

Beyond the Glen of Imaal.
Back Cover.
Man of The Glen.
W.B.Yates, sketch.
Notice on Davidstown Church.
Newspaper report 1828
Sadlebag preachers
Maura Gibson.
Postcard from the Glen.
Irish Historical Photos.

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